Our life begins with the breathe,We breathe around 22,000 times in a day and human body can only survive for minutes without air. We treat breathing disorders as well as respiratory diseases in patients with a high sucess rate.
We have Pulmonologists who are eager to serve the community better with their young aggressive thought.

● We have a well equipped endoscopy (bronchoscopy) suit, assisted by well trained staff and nurses for bronchoscopic intervention for diagnostic and therapeutic.

● Good laboratory practice is essential and we are supported with well trained department of Pathology.

● To screen, diagnose and monitor respiratory impairment we have facility for doing Pulmonary Function Test to measure spirometery studies, lung volume, diffusion studies.

● Rapid Scanning Techniques

● Our automated air exchange, with well equipped ICU department, supports us very well with Invasive / Non Invasive mechanical ventilator for our patients with Respiratory Failure Management.

● Pulmonary Rehabilitation, as you know, now plays very important treatment strategy in chronic respiratory ill patients, and this is well supported in our institute by physiotherapist colleagues.

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